Ceai de anghinare – Cynarae Folium

Ingredients: artichoke leaves – Cynara scolymus L., family Compositae.

Action: trophic hepatic cholesterol-lowering, diuretic, stimulates bile secretion and helps remove bile.

Application: traditionally as an adjunct in the treatment of diabetes, urinary infections, gout, diarrhea.

Preparation: Infusion, 500 ml boiling water was poured over 1 tbsp of artichoke leaves, shall be covered for 10-15 minutes, then filter and consumed sweetened, at room temperature.

Administration 2 cups / day. Drink  a cup in the morning before eating, standing 20 to 30 minutes lying on the right side. The second cup is drunk slowly, 30 minutes before main meals. Cures are 20-30 days with 30 days off.